a message to heaven

Send a message to a loved one in heaven or a prayer to God,

regardless of your faith.

Ever wondered how to send a message to heaven, or a prayer to God? Welcome to a new environment friendly way to release virtual balloons and do just that!

The message can be anything you wish. Memorial, birthday, anniversary, christmas, new year message, or a simple I miss you! If you wanted, you could even have a rant or get something off your chest. It's a great counselling technique! The list is literally endless! Send to a loved one, a friend, an enemy or even a prayer or message to God, regardless of your faith or religion!

Whatever the reason, when you are ready to send your message, you can watch animations of the balloons of your choice carrying your message, rises into the sky and enters the gates of heaven.

Just to say thank you, I, Rev. Clive, as an ordained Minister will say a prayer each night for every message recipient for that day if you email me using the email address at the bottom of this page, with the first name of the recipient.

Our website is easy, inexpensive, fun to use and great for children and adults alike. We make a small charge of £1.00 (approx €1.16 or $1.26) to cover fees, hosting and development costs. Any monies left over at the end of each year will be donated to a charity.

To start you need to choose a balloon colour from the options below, then write your message in the message box provided. When you are happy with your balloon colour and message, click on the 'PayPal Pay Now' button. This will direct you to the payment screen and once the payment of £1.00 (€1.16 or $1.26) has been successfully paid, make sure you click on 'Return to Merchant' at the bottom of the payment confirmation screen and you will return to this website to watch as your animated message is delivered to Heaven.

Please note that no messages are stored on our system or servers and are completely private between you, god and/or your loved one/recipient in heaven.

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